Windows Recovery and Installation

Windows Reinstallation Installing a fresh Windows operating system on your laptop will revive your laptop PC performance to like new. We can professionally recover and/or reinstall your Operating System (OS) that has crashed, become severely infected, hijacked, unstable, or damaged. Our Windows Reinstallation Service is not a mere "system restore" procedure, but rather a fresh and clean re-installation of your licensed Microsoft Windows operating system. This includes wiping the hard drive, OS installation, setup, configuration, and installing supporting software.

  • Cost: $89
  • Warranty: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Certified Service: YES
  • Turn around time: usually within 24-hours.
  • Service also know as: Windows installation, Windows reinstallation, Operating System installation, OS reinstall, Operating System repair, Repair Windows.

What's Included

  • Diagnose all hardware for proper functioning
  • Configure CMOS
  • Data Wipe the hard drive
  • Newly partition and format the hard disk drive
  • Install and configure Microsoft Windows per COA
  • Install hardware drivers
  • Install all Microsoft Windows Critical Updates
  • Install and configure supporting software (CD-burning software, DVD player, etc.)
  • Install and configure Anti-virus, Anti-spyware, and/or Anti-malware

Optional Services -- FREE

  • Install and configure a custom Windows Desktop Theme
  • Install additional desktop backgrounds
  • Install an office productivity package
  • Install DVD player/recorder and decrypting software
  • Install a professional grade Data Backup utility
  • Install an image and graphics editor
  • Install a ZIP compression utility
  • Install a professional grade Firewall
  • and lots of other goodies.

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