Laptop LCD Screen Repair

Certified Laptop Repair specializes in laptop LCD and LED-LCD screen repair. If you have a cracked, shattered, or otherwise non-functional laptop screen then you're at the right place. We're laptop repair experts.

When replacing your laptop LCD screen, we install only brand new screens. New LCD screens always come with a warranty.

A Certificate Of Service is included with all laptop LCD screen repairs.

Free Estimates

Bring us your laptop for a free diagnostic and estimate. All laptop LCD screens must be specially ordered and designed for your specific make and model of laptop. Once ordered, delivery usually takes 3 to 5 business days. After receiving your new LCD screen, we install it the same day.


The average cost for a new laptop LCD screen is $110 (includes parts and labor). Prices fluctuate from laptop to laptop. Costs largely depend upon the size and quality of LCD screen. Some LCD screens cost as low as $79, while others can cost $190.


Certified Laptop Repair does not service Sony Vaio, Mac, or iPad LCD screens. Sorry! We recommend you send these to the manufacture.

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